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San Andreas Mafia

San Andreas Mafia are the most accomplished and feared creed of hired assassins in the state of San Andreas. They are trained to be the highest caliber possible and will eliminate anyone who's in their way.
The San Andreas Mafia Team has been created on November 20 2010 , founded by Moss.
This clan is based on deathmatch and team deathmatch, but we usually have fun with events such as movie recording, training, and general chilling. We are willing to start slowly and make this a clan for us to have fun! We are actually recruiting members! Take a few minutes to visit our forum, and give it a try joining the Team. You may or may not get accepted but that first of all depends of your attitude, your skills don't matter much.

The Dons

●  Moss
●  Psyra


● Noodle


● Weezy 
● Geriux 
● JKR187
● Alban1an

Trial Members

● Marko50


The more active you are in-game/forums/irc, gets you promoted.



San Andreas Mafia | Deathmatch Gamemode
Max players: 25


Forums: San Andreas Mafia

IRC Channel: #SAMc -


Follow the Impulse99 server rules.

Don't attack any of our members for no reason.

Be honest, don't lie.

Respect one another.

Do not negotiate with cheaters/hackers.

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